We are glad to introduce ourselves as THE BULLETIERS, whose passion is to ride "BULLS" made by "THE LEGENDARY" ROYAL ENFIELD MOTORCYCLES. We love to chase horizons and go miles on iron bulls. Royal Riders' Club is an association of like-minded individuals who share a passion for traveling on their "BULLS". We are a group who can fulfill the dreams of BULLETIERS whether amateur or expert.

We got together for the common cause of tasting adventure on our bullet from different area; different profession and different status and we thought to merge all the diversities of our mind into a common flowing stream of thumping adventure. So, we organized our self under a roof called Royal Riders' Club, in September 2008 and got registered under W.B. Society Act on June 2009, a biker club organized and registered happened for first time ever in its category.

A robust Riding experience is shared by all our founder members and so under the banner of Royal Riders' Club we have attained some feathers on our hat which is increasing day by day, ride by ride and it's never ending process. We had passed the deep jungles of Orissa, Jharkhand, Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and have also visited Sikkim. We experienced the foreign roads of the Kingdom of Bhutan, and we have acquired the certificates by The Great Indian Army for touching our bullet wheels at frozen snows of Nathu-la, the Indian Border to China.

We have many write-ups and much video coverage from various mass communication agencies, to name some, The Sambad Pratidin, Anondalok, Tara News, Star Ananda and last but not the least THE BBC WORLD.

Royal Riders' Club undertakes major yearly rides to different States in India and also outside India. This time we are going on a 17-Day ride to The Kingdom of Bhutan and Jaldhapara Forest. We are starting from Kolkata on 6th of February 2011. This ride has been dedicated to the Peace Keeping along the borders of India and Pakistan. Foreign Ministers of both the countries are also meeting in Bhutan on the 7th of February for the same cause. Thus the club welcomes sponsorship for these rides. Sponsorship helps us to plan and execute bigger and better rides in future, supporting social and noble causes.

Sponsor's benefit:

  • Riders will don the sponsor's LOGO on the riding gear & Helmets throughout the ride.
  • The sponsor will receive attention in the Media covering the Royal Riders' Club ride in different states of India and Bhutan.
  • The Sponsor will also benefit by having banner space, which we will be hosting at all major breaks and spots during the trip.
  • The sponsor not only fuels the Royal Riders' Club adventure movement but also supports the cause and theme of the ride.
  • Upon request, we can also send you out detailed tour itinerary of the ride. Thus we are looking forward to team up with you for this noble peace cause. If you need any more information, then feel free to contact us.